Saif Ali Khan Worries About Migrant Workers When Someone Asks Him If He Is OK During Lockdown


By Srushti Jayadev,

The migrant workers crisis in India has got many Bollywood stars doing their best to help out. From Sonu Sood to Swara Bhaskar, celebrities are supporting migrants in reaching their hometowns, by arranging transport for them. Saif Ali Khan acknowledges the privilege he has, being in his situation, and says that whenever someone asks him how he is doing during the lockdown, he worries about what migrant workers are currently going through.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Saif said, “First of all we are really privileged, so every time someone asks me if I am okay in a lockdown, I start worrying about what migrant workers are going through. So, me sitting and telling you how I can chill it feels a little hollow. But I think at a time like this and at all times beauty is where it always was in great books, great music, great conversations, good thoughts and good meals.” Saif said that he is spending his time practicing the guitar, polishing up on his French, cooking, and spending time with his son Taimur Ali Khan. Saif also shared that he hopes the healthcare system gets better during the lockdown. “We have all been home and some people are finding it harder than others, financially, emotionally. But the point is we should be prepping for the spike in cases, so I hope that’s happening. Because I think at some point we are all going to have to go out and probably risk getting there or some people who can afford it will have to lock themselves up for a year, those are the two choices I can see. I hope the government is preparing,” he said.